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Colorado Springs Back Injury Lawyer

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a back injury due to an accident caused by the negligence of another, contact us here at the law office of the Colorado Springs Injury Attorney to discuss your case today.

Back injuries can result from accidents such as:

Back injuries are an unpredictable type of injury. Minor pain in the weeks following the accident can increase and spread to other areas of the body as time goes on.

Victims that have been injured in accidents such as vehicle or worksite accidents may not feel as though they are hurt at the scene of the accident, but days or weeks later will feel the pain of a back injury. This one accident can damage a victim’s spine, muscles, nerves, neck, and other body parts that once damaged will always require medical attention. If your back injury was due to an accident or the negligence of another person such as an employer or storeowner, a personal injury lawsuit may be an appropriate step to take in your case.

A single back injury can leave a person bedridden for many months, and it is possible to be completely disabled if the back injury is very serious. A back injury may also require additional rehabilitative therapy and medical treatment for years to come.

The Colorado Springs Injury Attorney is an experienced personal injury and accident lawyer that works aggressively on every client’s behalf. If your back injury was caused by the negligence of another, you deserve compensation for your suffering. Our legal team will negotiate for the best settlement possible to pay for your medical treatment, lost wages, and other relevant expenses. Contact our office today for a free initial consultation regarding your case.